Courtney Illfield: Endless Love


It’s a pretty unreal moment when you pledge in front of all who matter (few or many) that you’re going to be united with your love till you’re both grey–you’re going to be the one they wake up to, the one they rely on for company and for stain removing genius; the one they can count on to always forgive them and for hugs when words just aren’t enough. It’s what drives us to let flow a few salty tracks–that intense, evocative moment. For Sanchia and Andrew, it turned out to be one of pure joy.

 Atop the Edwards Winery Estate at Margaret River, Western Australia, pint-sized flower girls played ring-a-rosie while Andrew and Sanchia’s loved ones waited eagerly. Sanchia rolled up in a sweet retro Kombi (who doesn’t love a Kombi?) and walked with an unwavering grin to meet Andrew, her delighted British-born beau. In a boho Temperley London gown she looked positively dashing. And there to capture it all was Courtney Illfield, one of our fave Perth photographers and, in our opinion, an asset to the profession. Seriously,  how did she get to be so darn talented? 

There’s such a tangible radiance with these two don’t you think? It’s always a pretty cool deal to marry your best friend, but Sanchia and Andrew do a particularly good job of luxuriating in the fact. And so they should! Thanks Courtney Illfield for being so crazy good at what you do and sharing it with us. 


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