Corey + Claire: Stealing Kisses

Corey + Claire: Stealing Kisses


The beautiful Corey and Claire speak of love, happiness and the day their souls became  entwined. Once your done reading these sweet words, scroll down south and prepare to have your heart warmed by these stunning images from the one and only Heart and Colour.

Tell us about your engagement.

Corey and I have known each other since grade 8. We got together a couple of years later in grade 10 and have been together ever since, so we have sort of grown old together already! After being together for 10 years, Corey proposed on the beach at Alex Heads on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. During uni we used to go to Alex quite often on our days off for day trips, so Corey took me to our beach for the day. We took our little pup with us, Corey pretended that he had to go back to the car for something for her and then came back with a surprise picnic for us to have on the beach… he proposed during that and then had some moet for us to share together on the beach. It was a special moment in a place special to us. Our pup wasn’t as interested as us though, she was busy chasing seagulls and crabs on the beach!

What about each other made you fall in love?

Over the years we have developed an uncanny ability to just get each other and be there for one another when we didn’t even realise we needed it.

What is special about your relationship?

That we have already been lucky enough to have grown up together and helped shape one another as people.

What was special/unique about your wedding day?

There’s not really only one moment as such that was special about our day. We were so overwhelmed with the love we received from everyone throughout the entire day; nothing can ever prepare you for that feeling and it is so much better than you can ever imagine!

Have you got any advice for future couples about to get married?

Try and plan ahead as much as you can, you’ll think you have, but things will all of a sudden creep up! Don’t worry about the opinions of others (and EVERYONE you ask about anything will have an opinion), just go with what you want. Definitely stalk Pinterest for inspiration! (but try not to let it overwhelm you… although that’s probably inevitable). Most importantly, enjoy it together! Not just the day itself, but the lead up to it as well, the excitement of it all and the memories you’ll keep forever. Oh, and of course – do a sneak peek together before the ceremony! It’s a perfect time for the two of you to reflect on what is about to happen and just take a moment out of all the craziness together and really think about what you’re about to commit to together – it’s crazy!

What do you love about married life now?

That we can continue to grow old together for the rest of our lives…. And being able to use the words husband and wife!


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