Cordy’s Cakes


For me, baking and designing a cake is a work of art.

My goal is to create cakes that represent the hosts and complements their occasion in such a way that the cake becomes something special and unique for each person. The cake becomes ‘your’ cake; customised and personalised.

It all started two years ago when I moved into my new home with a newly renovated kitchen. I thought to myself that I should make good use of this comfort and bake something delicious. Very soon, my baking journey began where I tried something different every weekend, from macarons to tarts and chocolate shards, and I would share them with my colleagues at work. As with many people, I also like to post photos of food and my baked goodies on Instagram and Facebook. To my surprise, I started receiving feedback and my friends would actually ask me to make them orders of macarons and chocolates. My focus gradually shifted towards baking cakes, after they were especially well-received. My family and friends loved them, and this really encouraged me to create more cakes. I explored the different kinds flavour combinations and decorations, I draw inspiration from nature, and I work on my techniques almost daily.

Eventually, this has become part of my life, and after two years now, Cordy’s Cakes is flourishing. The journey has taught me to be passionate and be patient. I truly believe that if you are passionate about something, you will be able to achieve it. But also be patient, because making something great takes time and dedication.


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