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One of our lovely brides tested out a new weight-loss method before her wedding, known as CoolSculpting, at Hunter Plastic Surgery. To be completely honest she was a little apprehensive, scared and worried about what it would be like and what people would think… but lo and behold discovered the procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated fat cells are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving the treated area more sculptured.

Here she shares her thoughts on the treatment:

What interested you about CoolSculpting? The idea that fat could be frozen off sounded too good to be true! I had to give it a go!
Did you have any concerns/fears? I was worried about how much it would hurt, and what the area would look like after the treatment. I was scared the fat cells would turn into an alien like shape!
Would you tell people you went? Yes I told a few close people at the time, but now that I can see how great the results are, I can tell people how great the treatment is.
What were the steps involved in your treatment? First of all, they show you a video, and explain the process to you making sure that ALL your questions are answered. They then assess the area to be treated and take photos. Then they attach the machine while you’re standing and help you onto the bed. They set you up with pillows, snacks, and an iPad with movies. They check on you regularly to make sure you’re not in pain, and that you’re comfortable and have everything you need.
How did you feel during and after the procedure? The first little while during the procedure it hurts quite bad, but once the fat has frozen, it’s numb and you don’t feel any pain. I was anxious about what it would feel like, as arms are the most painful area to have done! The pain and bruising worsens a few days after you have it done, and you feel quite achy which turns into nerve pain. The nerve pain lasts a couple of days, but it’s the last wave of pain. The area stays numb for quite a few weeks after.
Did it work? YES!
Would you go again? Yes, for sure! I’ve noticed such a huge difference in my arms, and I feel so much more confident!
What other things have you done to tone your muscles? Since having it done I’ve been renovating a house so all the lifting and painting has definitely helped heaps and aided the process! It has worked amazingly as its own treatment, but I’ve found that all the extra exercise has helped me get the better results. I keep telling myself to keep moving and that this treatment is the answer for my weight loss but part of the process that I now need to maintain.


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