Conscious Creators



When natural talents align, they create something that can’t be taught. These artists have worked to their strengths to capture the beauty in the details; the joy in a smile, the curl of a petal, the soft glow of the afternoon sun. With rustic autumn colours of mustard and blush speckled with a touch of greenery, the warmth of this shoot emanates soul. The result is a balance of organic beauty and carefully crafted art. As we journey through their creation, let us appreciate the value they place on their work.

Stylist—Stay Co
Everything I design has a story to tell. It’s subtle, it’s clean, it’s minimalistic, but it is always there. It is usually something that people can relate to, something that speaks to you, something that is trending at the moment but will remain timeless. There needs to be that person at the wedding who isn’t part of the wedding party that the bride can trust. Someone she can entrust her vision to come to life with as she sees it, or better than she could’ve imagined. If she is happy, then the groom is happy. And my job is to make everyone happy.

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”—William Plomer

The one thing that’s never led me astray and that I know I can always trust is my gut. I am very precise in the way I see the world and the way I am inspired to create art, and I think that shows through my work. I would say I have a unique and artistic way of capturing weddings and couples, and it’s something that can’t necessarily be taught, but comes second nature from my soul, the way I view the world and human connections. I believe one of the most important things you can do is connect with people. Part of connecting is making people feel comfortable and valued. I sincerely want anyone I’m around and specifically couples I’m shooting to feel like they can be themselves around me and feel like they have something important to say and that someone is listening. I love digging deep within the layers and talking to people beneath the surface to create a stronger bond and enjoy what an incredible person they are.

Cake Designer—Annie’s Cakes
With every cake I make, I pretend I’m making it for myself or for a loved one. Then I am more conscious with the details and make it special for whoever my client is. I would like to think they see ‘my hand’ in my work also; the way I apply buttercream, my textures, flavours, floral application—they’re all unique to my style and how I feel it can incorporate with my client’s vision. I make everything from scratch to deliver something delicious and beautiful. I also love seeing the couple on their big day. It’s nice to connect and sometimes chat with the bride about completing her vision with set up and floral.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”—Albert Einstein

Florist—Soil and Stem
This industry is filled with so many talented creatives, I’m just a small piece of that. My hope is to bring people together through a love of flowers. I strive to capture a feeling in my designs over a theme—how does the bride want to feel on her wedding day? What does she want her guests to experience? Relaxed, romantic, natural, luxe, playful, classic … these moods and themes will help me determine flower choices, colours, floral scents and overall design aesthetic. I like my designs to be an extension of the environment I’m working in. I pull from those elements to create a colour and texture story. As a designer, I believe it is those indigenous ingredients that can have such an influential impact that creates a feeling of belonging and authenticity in a design.



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