Confetti Fair Twilight


It is no secret that we are big fans and proud sponsors of Confetti Fair and now this team has a collection of exciting events that will have you all jumping for joy. If you’ve ever wanted to step back in time and revisit the days of magical fairs and twinkling lights, then Confetti Fair Twilight has positively got you covered. This is one unmissable event for a plethora of reasons. A touch of glamour, a hint of intrigue, a whole lotta party magic and an abundance of incredible party ideas. Oh, and did we mention yours truly will be making an appearance too? But enough of our yapping away, here are the details.

Melbourne: 17th of August

Sydney: 31st of August

Snap up your tickets here.

More you say? We were lucky enough to have a lovely little chat with the gorgeous lady behind it all, Claire, and we’re ecstatic to get you all more acquainted.

Meet Claire.

Tell us about yourself

I have a terribly loud laugh that often comes out at the most inappropriate times. I am petrified of spiders but only the hairy ones. I am allergic to bananas and have a regular craving for shredded coconut. I sing and whistle all the time and don’t really have a filter of what I am saying in my head to what actually comes out of my mouth. I am very good at organising others but am completely disorganised when it comes to me.

Who makes up your family?

My gorgeous little miracle (nearly) 3 year old boy and me.

What gets you out of bed every day?

My son yelling out “Mum, it’s morning!”. Besides that, knowing that I have my dream job to work in every day.

What does a day look like for you?

Hectic! I wear many hats during the day. Other than the normal day to day office things like answering a million emails I also organise photo-shoots, edit magazines, trawl the Internet for the latest party information and find new amazing businesses to promote at the fair or in the magazine. I also put new ideas in to play to help grow the business.

How did Confetti Fair begin?

It was whilst organising my son’s first birthday and spending hours and hours on the Internet looking for ideas and products. I thought it would be so much easier to just go to one place to see everyone’s work, like a fair.

Have you always wanted to do a fair?

Yes. I have done several through my working career for other companies and just love the buzz you get as both a vendor and a visitor. 

What else do you do?  

Business wise I do Confetti Fair around Australia, produce the Confetti Fair Magazine and hold workshops in our studio in Five Dock. From a personal level I catch up with friends and family when I can, I love visiting antique shops and finding a bargain, and of course spending time with my son.

What is your secret?

I can’t tell you, otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret.

What excites you?

Lots of things – seeing a gorgeous party, coming up with a new idea that comes to fruition, having the first people walk through the door to our fairs, receiving beautiful comments about the magazine, hearing my son come out with new phrases, tasting new foods.




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