Confetti Fair: Pop Up Wedding


Surprise weddings are always pretty special and exciting, but when they take place at one of the country’s finest fairs the wedding is bound to result in the most incredible spontaneous party! Ashley and Natasha were the lucky winners of Marry Me @Confetti Fair, a competition which ran in conjunction with Macarthur Pop-Up Weddings and Confetti Fair. We couldn’t think of a more deserving couple if we tried! Ashley and Natasha met just over two years ago at a pub in Balmain neither of them had ever been to before (sounds like fate to us). Not to give anything away, Ashley proposed the day after Valentine’s Day and the eager couple planned to get hitched in March 2015, they even put down a deposit on a venue! However as this crazy little thing we called life sometimes allows, a spanner was thrown into the works when Natasha’s Grandmother fell ill. Their solution was to enter Marry Me @ Confetti Fair on a whim, and we’re pretty chuffed they did because their wedding was absolutely darling. The couple noted that what they loved most about this exciting concept was that they didn’t have to deal with any of the stress of planning and could happily indulge in the happiness and excited they felt at the prospect of soon becoming husband and wife. Check out this stunning little video of this lucky couple’s day, and when you’re done, indulge in some spectacular images. 


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