Cara + Eric: Concrete Jungle Engagement Shoot


In this gorgeous engagement shoot we get to meet Cara and Eric; lovers of puzzles, hiking, exploring new neighborhoods. The photos – kudos to Jessica Photography – see the couple wander the streets; Cara dressed in an ethereal steel grey dress, matching with Eric. We are totally vibing off their feel and even more their story, before they enter into marriage:


What have been the most exciting parts of planning your wedding?

Cara: The most exciting part is seeing our vision come to life. Our goal is to have a big party where our friends and family can eat, drink and dance! We don’t want it to be formal or stuffy, we just want a fun celebration of our relationship and commitment to each other.

Another highlight was trying all the food! Our cake tasting was from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City, we popped a bottle of champagne while we took notes on our favorite flavors – it was hard to pick our favorites! But luckily our cake is four tiers and each one is different.  And for the actual wedding food we had a multi-course dinner with Eric’s parents with lots of laughs and sangria!


How do you think marriage will change your relationship?

We have been together for over eight years but being married makes the commitment so much stronger and makes the love so much deeper.  We have always approached everything as a team but now we really are together for life and all of the decisions, big or small, are things that can impact both of us.


What do you most look forward to about your wedding?

We are really excited for all of the important people in our lives to come together. Some of them will be meeting for the first time so that is really special. For Eric, making sure he spends time with each and every guest is very important, for me, I want to kick off my heels, put my sneakers on, and dance the night away.


What are the most important things that will create a long lasting and loving marriage?

Compromise and communication. Eric and I agree on a lot, but when we don’t it is important that both our voices are heard and that we both come to a mutual agreement on how we can move forward so we are both happy.


Who are the vendors that you are working with for your wedding day?

Jewellery is super important to me because it is a great way to express myself and add something to my dress which is pretty simple.  For jewellery I am wearing Gilded Lace. I like this collection because it super unique and feels both bridal and modern – bonus is I will absolutely be able to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe after the wedding! And Beyonce has worn it on tour so that’s amazing!

Our wedding venue, which includes catering, is MyMoon in Brooklyn, NY – the people there have been absolutely incredible to work with and have made the whole process so simple.


Pictures are also really important to me so we have a fun photo booth from WeLovePhotobooths. It works well because the print out will be a little party favor our guests can take home.


Who have been your favourite wedding dress designers?

My dress is Nicole Miller. It was the fourth or fifth store I went to and when I described what I wanted they just totally understood. I really wanted to have a sexy vibe for my dress – it is high neck and open back.

I also loved Alon Livne White – his dresses were absolutely INCREDIBLE.


What special ways do you express your love to each other?

I travel a bunch for work so I always hide notes that he can find when I am away. We have been leaving notes for each other since we first started dating and I think it is important to continue cute traditions like that.



What’s your relationship advice for couples planning their big day?

It is easy to get caught up in it all and have the process become super stressful. It is okay to have moments like that, because it is bound to happen, but just really keep a clear eye on how special the moment and this planning time is. Also have a game plan on how much time you are going to spend together the day of. For us it’s important to make sure we are together during cocktails and dinner so we can greet people and make our way around the tables to say hello, but once the music starts I want to dance and Eric wants to socialize – that is totally fine with both of us and we know what to expect so no one is let down.


What’s the best relationship advice anyone has given you? 

Treat each other with respect. Communicate!


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