The Collection


Located on the Mornington Peninsula, The Collection is the answer for any bride and groom planning the perfect vintage-themed wedding.  They showcase beautiful, unique and charming pieces available for hire on your big day. From antique typewriters to wine barrels and vintage cameras, The Collection has everything necessary for a stunning ceremony and reception. Read on to learn more directly from the owners, and see some lovely snaps from Beck Rocchi.

How did The Collection begin?

The Collection started with my love for vintage collectibles – a lot of which I already owned and used in my wedding at the start of this year. Although, this collection grew dramatically in the lead up to my wedding! After a whole year of collecting I couldn’t part with any of it afterwards, so I created The Collection! I thought it would be such a great resource for brides or anyone looking for a full, complete set of decorations for an event. It took a lot of time and sometimes stress to source everything, so this will make it super easy for someone who wants that classic/vintage look without the hassle of finding each piece. Great for DIY brides who don’t know where to start!

How did you come to own such exquisite vintage pieces?

All the vintage pieces have made their way into The Collection in a variety of ways! Some have been passed down from my grandma, some were purchased from vintage shops, some came from the 1940s property that we bought and were left behind from the previous owner! (eg. typewriter). All the vintage bottles in The Collection were actually sourced from my backyard! We were excavating our backyard for our new house. I was in charge of sifting through the soil for bricks, etc, and came across over 100 old bottles that were sitting about 2 metres under the dirt. What luck!

Do you have a favourite piece in the “collection”?

I think my favourite is the vintage bottle collection – I am obsessed with vases of the vintage variety, especially those with type on them.


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