Coastal Sunset Engagement Shoot


Jennifer and Ry have been busy making wedding plans since Ry popped the question. The pair took some time out right on sunset for their engagement shoot and I think you’ll agree Muse Photography did a brilliant job of capturing the love between these two! Read on to follow their story and to get a glimpse of the incredible coastal photos.

What have been the most exciting parts of planning your wedding? Well, we have decided to have our wedding in stunning South Africa! So that in itself it pretty exciting. We are trying to make sure it will be a wedding that our Australian friends and family will remember forever!

How do you think marriage will change your relationship? I think it will deepen and grow even more! After the proposal, our relationship blossomed even more! We didn’t think that was even possible.

What do you most look forward to about your wedding? Walking down the Aisle and seeing my hubby to be’s face (hopefully) light up. Also, just dancing the night away with all our friends and family from all over the world.

What are the most important things that will create a long lasting and loving marriage? Respect! Honour and respect each other, no matter how hard it can get.

Who have been your favourite wedding dress designers? Grace loves Lace, MXM Couture and some pretty talented designers in Cape Town.

What special ways do you express your love to each other? Doing the simple things you know the other will appreciate. Like coming home to a clean house and dinner cooked. Cleaning their car or running a hot bath. We really love the small things we do for each other. These mean more to us than lavish dates.

What are your favourite ways to spend time together? Laughing and planning life over a drink in a bubble bath! It’s amazing quality time without any distractions!

What’s your relationship advice for couples planning their big day? Wow, we are no experts! In fact, we are looking for all the advice we can get! Keep it fun and simple and make sure both parties are involved in every step of the special day. It’s about the joining of two souls not just one.

What’s the best relationship advice anyone has given you? To always respect each other.


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