Clay + Natalia: Wed under the Mexican sun


Meeting each other again “felt like kismet”. Clay + Natalia’s chance encounter in the Muir Woods has since led them down an adventurous and intertwining path to wedded bliss. See them celebrate their union with family and friends, on sandy shores under the Mexican sun, below.

Tell us about your proposal.

It was the summer that we’d decided it was time for our parents to meet, and we all congregated at Clay’s family’s lake house in the Appalachian Mountains for a week-long adventure. Everyone knew Clay had the ring, but no one knew when he was going to ask the question. The night before Natalia’s parents were flying home, we had a memorable dinner filled with laughs and excitement over the newfound friendships that our families had developed. As the night progressed and everyone retreated to bed, Clay took Natalia out to the dock to drink a glass of wine and stare at the stars. Clay asked Natalia under the light of a “Full Buck” moon if she would be his wife, and she said yes!

The next morning everyone was elated that our families would officially be coming together, and we had a group of our friends from San Francisco come join us for a weekend long celebration for our engagement and the Fourth of July. It was an unforgettable two weeks.

How did you know your partner was the one?

The first time we laid eyes on one another was an impactful, but fleeting moment. By happenstance, we exchanged a quick “hello” in a crowded bar, before being whisked away in different directions by our respective friends. One week later fate stepped in when despite a rainy forecast, we both independently decided to venture to Muir Woods for an outdoor adventure. Running into each other there felt like kismet and we were inseparable from that day forward.

What do you love most about your partner?

Clay: I can’t pick one specific thing that I love more than any other, but Natalia’s awesome sense of humor is something that I am thankful for every single day. Sometimes it’s what she says, or how she says it, or maybe it’s how she reacts to something. She just makes me happy in a lot of unexpected ways and it’s nice to have her as a partner in crime.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

It’s hard for me to pick a real favourite thing. Saying “I do” and having our first kiss is the best memory. But seeing everyone for the first time following the ceremony, giving hugs and sharing laughs with all of our family and closest friends, was amazing. After so much energy and emotion going into the day, being able to finally totally relax into the night is an amazing feeling. We are lucky to have been able to celebrate our love with such incredible people.

Describe your wedding theme.

We chose magical Tulum as the destination for our wedding as it embodies so many things that we value and love. It’s hard not to be captivated by the ambiance of the hotels, stores and community nestled in the Yucatan jungle. The feeling is both tangible and ephemeral at the same time. Our theme’s focus was very much on the magic of the ocean, the moon and a touch of whimsy. There is something romantic about wearing a gown or a tux, drinking champagne barefoot on the sand, and listening to music as the waves crash nearby.

What was your favourite detail?

We loved our reception. Music is really important to us, and we wanted to have a true Mexican wedding in which the dancing would last until the wee hours of the morning. The big disco ball above the patch of sand, designated as the dance floor, kept spinning through the night like the turntables of our awesome DJ. And there aren’t many things better than a really good dance party!

What is marriage to you?

Marriage is being able to hold your best friend’s hand whenever you want.


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