Classy Meets Modern: The Epicurean Group Styled Shoot


Sometimes things align in a way that makes you feel as though someone is doing the work, positioning things for you and you are just taken along for the ride. A conversation between Dan and I about the direction we want to take our craft, the professionals we wish to work with and what inspires us seemed to be the spark for a series of beautifully timed events.

Leah (owner of the Epicurean Group) contacted us to photograph her & Craig’s wedding; she also invited us to list as a preferred supplier for the Epicurean Group, an exciting space to be in. We met with Alex, the Epicurean’s superstar Event Coordinator and got along like a house on fire. He immediately briefed us on the upcoming plans for the Epicurean Group and spoke of their talented community of vendors. Being aware that Alex was eager to introduce us to some of the vendors we would be working with at Leah & Craig’s wedding we built our vision for a styled shoot with the hope that the suggested date would align with the availabilities of the other vendors and we would schedule it in advance of the big wedding. The intention to collaborate and come to know each other on a personal and professional level was a driving factor for the timing of the shoot.

Captivated by movement, texture, romance, the use of light and reflections to evoke emotion, the inclusion of these elements could not be compromised on. It’s not a matter of controlling the components of the day to produce these visual experiences through images, when you feel them in your body as you work they occur naturally. Should one word determine the theme for the Epicurean Group Styled Shoot, it would be effortless. All elements of the shoot laced together effortlessly because each vendor contributed wholeheartedly with the commitment to create magic as a team and irrespective of some minor setbacks we did just that.

Inspired by fashion, the look and feel for the shoot was one of elegance. It was about showcasing Epicurean House and Main Ridge Harvest. Utilising images to expand and define target clientele and create content to promote the vendors involved in the collaboration. Amongst the silky textures of Gillian Pollard’s white long stemmed roses, Bell & Barnett’s black tie and a black velvet tailored suit we felt that Georgia Young Couture’s unique brand aesthetic had the final element the styled shoot required.

When we say that the Styled Shoot was captured alongside some very talented vendors, we really do mean this in every sense of the word. It was a dream. We had previously worked with the talented Make Up by Sophie Knox and she had worked with Aiyana Alexander, the ‘Bride of the day’. Some of us had met before, others had not. We had originally placed the shoot as weather dependent event due to outdoor location images being required to capture the full picture of the Epicurean’s venues, however, it rained all day and the energy was so high that the icy bite in the air and almost unbroken rainfall didn’t nudge the energy levels. This squad of creative people were occupied laughter. Together the models moved with grace and kept us entertained with jokes, it was like watching a fusion of a fashion show & comedy show in slow motion. All vendors had a ball collaborating together and really supported each other as professionals. The most integral part of a successful shoot is the team, together we had all the fundamental elements required to truly create magic together.

Epicurean House: Manicured gardens, stunning private residence available exclusively for bridal parties who choose one of the Epicurean Groups multiple Mornington Peninsula venues for their wedding day.

Main Ridge Harvest: Secluded venue seamlessly blends rustic country influences with contemporary flair on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula.


Words by: White Vine Photography


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