CJ + Andria



CJ and I are a combination of opposites. We are total homebodies and love to cook a meal and stay in … but we also love travel and going abroad. We love to be the most dressed up in the room, no matter the occasion, but getting into comfy clothes is our immediate action when we get home. We both are very outgoing and social, but we have just a handful of our truest friends.
On the other hand, we’re a combination of opposites from each other. I like to march to the beat of my own drum, not too concerned about rules or what I’m supposed to do, and CJ is more about the process and doing things how they are intended to. I’m a photographer and dreamer and CJ is in the more corporate side with his job in sales. We both are united in our absolute love for our family and prefer to spend time relaxing over a long family meal than any fancy trip or dinner in the city.

My prince. Today on our wedding day, you stand before me. So many certainties, and so many unknowns. Today on our wedding day, so many questions have already been answered. Your presence in my life has fulfilled the deepest desires of my heart. For so much of my life I could only hope for who you would be and how we would begin. For almost eight years, I have been writing to you. Before I ever knew you, I’ve been praying for where you were in life. Praying for your days; for the way our lives would come together. I have loved you for so many years before I even knew you. Today you are here; we are here, and you have exceeded all my hopes for who you would be. You fulfil the deepest desires of my heart.

You are my steadfast love—the most stable thing I can count on. Thank you for your patience and your willingness to always see us grow and become better. With you, I am my truest self. Thank you for allowing me to be who I am; for trusting me; for allowing me to chase my dreams; for wanting me to say yes to my heart and my goals. Thank you for giving me a love I never expected, or thought was possible. I love our love. The simplicity of it, that we are our happiest just being together.

Today, on our wedding day, I already feel tied to you, one with you. You are my first thought. You are the one who impacts everything I do. I simply could not be without you. My heart is yours. I cannot wait to go through life with you and create a world together; to create a family; to watch you with our children; to raise up a generation; to teach them to love life and live with passion. I want you for all the grand moments, but I want you even more for all the simple moments. To be by my side for life, for good and to support each other in the bad.

Today, on our wedding day, I vow to you…
To love you passionately and always
To see you with love
To honour you in my mind, my heart, my body and spirit, when I am with you or apart from you
To respect you and allow you to lead our family.

I vow to put you before anyone else, any career, or any other thing
To pray for you and to keep the Lord a living aspect in our lives.

I promise to bring joy into our lives and into our family.
I promise to give you grace—even when it’s difficult to.
I promise to challenge you and want you to always go after your heart’s desires.
I promise to be the best mother I can to our children.
I promise to sacrifice and to do whatever is best for our family.

I love you in the big ways and I love you in the small ways.
I love you because you buy organic now all your own.
I love you because if I see a baby, I know you’ll already be playing hide-and-seek with it.
I love you for the way you say “Oh God” when you taste something really amazing.
I love you because you always gladly share your first bite—and always your last.
I love you because you always actually care what colour I paint my nails.
I love you because you always make sure your shoes match your outfit.
I love you because you love that I love to get ready.
I love that you love me the most when I cook for you.
I love you because you’re the guy everybody loves.
I love you because you love doing the same thing I love doing.
I love you so much, and my love continues to grow for you.


I promise to love and to be worthy of your love daily.
I promise to be patient and kind with you and always be forgiving.
I promise to be your friend and actively listen to you on the things you need to share from your heart.
I promise to always communicate fully and fearlessly with you.
I promise to be loyal to you and always honour you when I’m with or without you.
When you have a good day, I’ll laugh with you. When you have bad days, we can cry together.
I promise to be the leader of our household and lead only by the example Christ gave through his love for the church.
I promise to make you a priority even through the busiest times of life.
I promise to comfort you when you lose and cheers you when you win.
I promise that in richer days we can always spend our money at Nordstrom and if there are poorer days, to spend our money at Nordstrom Rack.
I promise to lift you up and not tear you down, even when you put your foot in your mouth with your embarrassing comments.
I promise to be your partner in parenthood to ensure we raise our child in the loving ways God has required us to.
I promise to stay up on the latest Andria news, updates, podcasts, as it’s not only insightful on your wonderful career but to also gauge how I’m doing as a husband through some of those blogs.
I promise to support your moments of joy and especially when you use words to describe your excitement as “gorgina” and “totes”.
I promise to take my time with us and to never take us for granted.
I promise to not give up on us in difficult times or in the best of times.

And finally, I promise you me. All of me, every working and non-working part. To live every day with you, to love you, to be committed to making you and me better people than we were the day before.

This marriage of ours will be our own beautifully extended song. This song is full of all of our hopes and dreams, which will be deeply rooted in our constant prayers to God and devotion for each other. Our songs numerous verses are composed from all of our daily interactions, collaborations and variables that life brings our way. There will be many verses that change in mood from week to week, month to month or year to year. But always flowing into this harmonious chorus/hook, being the pillar and home of our marriage. That hook can bring us back to another verse, but at times, will lead us into a great bridge. When the bridge comes in it may sometimes do so out of left field, but the result will introduce us to a freshness of new additions joining our world! Flowing seamlessly back to that wonderful chorus, which always keeps us grounded in the joyous and melodic sounds of the love and grace we choose give to each other every day.

The future—something I’ve always been able to envision with you. No matter where we have been at, you’ve always given me the security to allow my heart to look towards the future. In as much as I cherish the today, and our current state, it has always been one of my prized possessions, that the future is something that we talk about and dream towards. We’ve never shied away from imagining stories of what that will hold for us. The birth of our first child, watching our children grow, milestones, personal achievements, moving through new stages of life together—all the seasons we will go through … my heart longs for those just as much as it does to see you walk through the door at the end of the day. And I know that the future will also bring the unknown, but it’s my hope that we will be mindful to never become too engrossed in the emotions of one single day, but remain in the promise of our future together and the freshness that we’re given in every new day. You are synonymous with the hopes of my future. The two cannot be separated. I want you for all the grand moments, but I want you even more for all the simple moments.


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