Christopher + Shannon: a modern wedding


“We don’t really believe in the concept of ‘the one’ but definitely believe that there is ‘that one’ who you choose to love without conditions or strings, whose life your life was designed to intertwine with and build together forever. Chris and I choose to love each other every single day and choose to see each other as perfect and as the best versions of each other. When you treat other other like that, you can’t help but respond in that fashion!”

This bubbly pair, Christopher and Shannon, were so ecstatic the day they became husband and wife. Shannon laughed all the way down the aisle – simply giddy with joy and happiness as she walked towards her future. “It was a very surreal, yet extremely real feeling!! It just felt right – there was no nerves, no freak outs, just pure joy.”

See their sweet day below, photographed by Deezigner Images and filmed by MK Motion.



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