Chic Outdoor Wedding – Byron Bay


This chic outdoor wedding captures celebration and beauty on a field in Byron Bay! Photographed by Peppermint Photography, Aime + Simon had a destination wedding weekend with multiple events so their guests from all over the world could get to know each other. With a gorgeous Made With Love Bridal gown (one of our favourites!) and an elegant video by Yellowbull Media!

We talked with Aime about her day and heard the most beautiful details!

“Being a destination wedding and having guests across multiple states and countries, we had a few events leading up to the wedding so that guests weren’t meeting each other for the first time on the night. We had a bachelorette and bucks party a few weekends before, a “white party” (where everyone dressed in white) on the Thursday night before, a lunch Friday and a “girls pamper afternoon”. This meant that when it came time for the wedding day guests could skip the awkward introductions and get straight into the night. It’s been really nice to see our different friendship groups come together.

Marriage is a commitment to the love that you have for each other and is the foundation for life as we know it. I define life as a collection of relationships and experiences, all of which pass by so incredibly quickly. To choose someone to path the journey with is incredible and shouldn’t be viewed as something that will be easy. Love is the best feeling in the world, but it also takes a lot of conscious effort to shape. For us, we work hard at acknowledging and accepting our individual preferences and differences.”

Check out this incredible video by Yellow Bull media too:


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