Chic Artistry


Chic Artistry are a passionate, creative and award winning team of hair stylists, makeup artists and beauty professionals. They love helping brides discover their most divine and beautiful self, and enjoy creating the kind of beauty that makes you beam from within. Here Tanya shares the ins and outs of the business:

What’s the inspiration behind your company/business?
To have something of my own, create my own path, my own future, my way. It all started from that very thought. Every day I am inspired by effortless beauty, originality and individuality, nature, freedom, family and love.

How did you go about starting it up?
Climbing a mountain takes time. Especially if you start off alone. But along the way you meet people, become friends, gain mentors and colleagues, and things begin to bloom. If you have a passion, dedication and patience are the key. Starting a business is never easy, but its the most rewarding experience watching it grow.

What makes your company/business unique?
Looking past the work we produce and at the women who makeup Chic Artistry, I always feel very proud. Standing beside such a beautiful collective of women who are not only immensely talented at their jobs, but have such passion and love for what they do, always brings amazing results for our clients. We all know one another, support each other and work together to give our clients the very best and most wonderful wedding experience. We love our jobs, we love our work and we will often tell you we love each other. The passion, care and dedication our artists put into their work is something I am truly grateful for.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Our days are really varied from week to week. Sometimes we could be meeting brides for the first time at our studio for their hair and makeup trial. Or travelling to location for their wedding day. We travel a lot all over Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Sydney and other destinations by special request. Fridays – Sundays are our busiest days on weddings, with Monday – Thursday usually being the days we talk with our brides and plan their wedding days.

What’s your favourite thing about working with couples?
We work with our clients on the most special day of their lives. We get to witness some of their most private and intimate moments, ones close friends and family may never know the exact details of. It’s a very special time.

What does marriage mean to you?
Marriage signifies an everlasting friendship, an endearing love. Its something to be valued, cherished, respected and celebrated. It makes us smile to be able to celebrate love and celebrate marriage every day.



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