Real Weddings

Cherry & Michael: field of dreams


If it’s a wee bit of soft and squidgy you’re after then you’ve come to the right place. Cherry and Michael’s engagement shoot has all the marshmallow-makings of sweet, sweet love including a killer sunset and long, billowy grass. What more could you ask for to visually represent that magic four-letter word other than, of course, a dashing couple pumped full of it. Sweet Mary Photography has done a great job of making Cherry and Michael’s mutual adoration  centre stage; you can see it in how they hold hands, walk, hug, look at each other–in pretty much everything. But isn’t that what it’s all about? If love is not pervasive and saturating enough to swim in then what’s the point? Luckily for this couple, it’s that and more. How cool is it that we get to catch a mind-blowing glimpse? Thanks Sweet Mary, for thinking of us.


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