Chasing Arrows


Any of you guys fans of two-in-one things? We absolutely are. Think loftier and way more awesome than Kinder eggs or shampoo-conditioner combos. We’re talking the best two-in-one business we’ve come across in yonks. Introducing Chasing Arrows, a styling and photography innovation that has us a little bit excited. Joni, the sweet mastermind behind it, is excited too, naturally. It’s pretty cool. Primarily, she’s all about styling—baby showers, weddings, birthdays, engagements, hens’ nights and any other party you care to propose. Then, she’s a photographer too and loves to snap gorge images of food, babies, maternity, travel and weddings.  Yeah, two-in-one is back and it looks pretty darn lovely. Scroll south and check out the styling talent on offer.


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