Charming Melbourne Wedding: Stephanie + Nathan


When Nathan proposed the day after Stephanie had caught the bouquet and Nathan had caught the garter at a friend’s wedding, Stephanie thought it was a joke. After laughing her head off, she realised he was serious. And of course, she said yes!

Tell us about your proposal. We were away for the weekend at a friend’s wedding. During dessert, Nathan snuck outside to make a call to my brother asking permission to propose to me the next day. Later that night, I caught the bouquet and Nathan caught the garter.

The morning after, at breakfast with our newly married friends, we were the joke of the morning as everyone was placing bets on when we’d get hitched and bring the old wives’ tale to life.

Little did I know Nath had already planned the whole thing. On return to Melbourne, a surprise book and flowers were sitting on the couch at home. In the book were a series of illustrations of our life over the years, the day we met, holidays, etc. On the last page was an old couple dancing in our kitchen with the words to our favourite song written across the page. When I got to the end I looked over to Nath who was on the couch holding a tiny little box. I thought it was all a joke and laughed my head off at the time. But of course I said yes.

After seven years together it was the most romantic thing he had ever done and though it may sound cheesy, in some way catching the bouquet and garter the night before felt like the universe telling us it was meant to be!

How did you know your partner was the one?

Steph: It took years of family and friends being on board “team Nathan” before I realised. We were always good friends but nothing more. A few years ago I had a really tough year, days where it felt a lot easier to stay in bed. Nath would do what all good partners should do – he ripped the sheets off and pushed me out of bed. I guess if I had to pick a moment I knew he was the one it was during this time; when he knew exactly what I needed more than I did.

Nathan: On our first anniversary we went out to dinner and ate so much that on the way home we both had to undo the top button. In that moment, I knew she was the one – with our love of food, cooking and trying new things together.

What do you love most about your partner?

Steph: He is selfless and kind to the bone. He has this frustrating ability to be loved by everyone he meets and over the years I’ve grown accustomed to coming second to him. There is no person as genuine and selfless out there. He never feels hard done by and always wants to be better.  

Nathan: Steph loves me unconditionally despite my particular ways, and she loves sport (probably more than I do). She has a massive heart and with that comes big emotions. This is what I love most, even when this makes her quirky, like when she cries when an Olympian wins a gold medal. But above all I love that she makes me laugh each day.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? It’s really hard to single out a moment because I’d love to relive each minute again but I’ve narrowed it down to two highlights for us. My Grandma was in hospital in the week leading up to the wedding but with the help of some family members she was granted a couple of hours release to see us get hitched. Having her there meant the world to Nath and I – he’s always been her favourite. Our other top moment was the last song of the night. Our three-year old nephew was dancing on Nathan’s shoulders, and we were surrounded by all our friends and family, dancing crazily and singing along. In that moment nothing else in the world mattered – you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces.

What was your favourite detail? Florals, had to be the florals. The team at North St is a dream to work with, a couple of meetings and a few photos later Emily and the team nailed what we had in mind.

What is marriage to you? Spending the rest of your life with your best friend, laughing together, bickering but kissing each other good night regardless of how much they annoyed you that day. I truly believe marriage is best built on friendship and honesty; when you allow only one other person into those thoughts, fears and feelings you’ve been keeping to yourself for so long.

S t e p h + N a t h a n from Tango Films on Vimeo.


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