Ceremony by the Sea


Steering the sails away from the traditional cliche beach wedding, this styled shoot instead focuses on the natural beauty of the ocean.

Shot overlooking the beautiful El Matador State Beach in California, the colour palette was kept neutral in order to highlight the textures and tones of the sand, waves and surroundings.

This trend was continued on through the flowing white gowns worn by the bride and her maids. With the gowns’ long trains flowing in the seaside breeze, First Comes Love‘s styling set out to ignite visions of swimming underwater and the way the seagulls fly against the wind. And they have no doubt achieved that.

The ceremony and place setting elements perfectly represent the surroundings, utilising natural driftwood to make a ceremony aisle as well as the escort cards that adorned white calligraphy.

Organic yet slightly weathered and whimsical, this shoot captures all elements of a cliff side beach wedding.

See the imagery provided by Devon Donnahoo Photography down below.

Solstice Bride + First Comes Love from Andrew James Abajian on Vimeo.


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