Celestial Allure


This styled shoot by Kiss from Fleur is inspired by the mysticism and spirituality between heaven and earth. A beguiling dark-haired beauty invites us into her celestial world. She blinks through a moon-dust brushed eyelid with the subtle touch of a silver patterned fingernail. The light-haired goddess in this world has naturally and perfectly imperfect eyes that sparkle like little orbs, while her dress shimmers like a beautiful galaxy.

Floating blush and white fabrics elegantly emphasize dark plum and deep black: an arrangement of orchids as a recurring, earthly element next to black plates as a symbol of fascinating mythology.

Complementing the plate’s constellation is hand-made stationery with artful calligraphy that mirrors the celestial inspiration.

The two modern brides appear with glittering moons in their hair and shiny accents on black velvet platform heels. Their dresses are plain and clean but also excitingly glamorous in their beauty. Delicate, yet impossible to overlook, they radiate this magic glow like the rising moon next to them.

The minimalistic brides brought the metallic moon down to earth to sway in its big silver crescent and dream of their big day. The big day on which they will speak their vows like “You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars” and lay the world to their sweetheart´s feet.

This new style runs like a metallic thread through used textures, hand-made stationery and the angelic celestial cake to strive for perfection in the widths of the universe.



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Carly Tia