Cavallo Point


On the far end of the Golden Gate Bridge, perfectly situated close to the city, nestles a quiet and relaxing hotel – Cavallo Point. This elegant venue offers high-end accommodation and an impressive view of the San Francisco Skyline, without all the noise!

The hotel is ideal for brides who are after a private destination honeymoon housed in warmth and quality. And it’s perfect for couples who have varied aesthetic tastes, with two styles of accommodation on offer: Neo Classic and Modern. As an added bonus, Cavallo Point also has its own Art Gallery, so you can soak up some extra culture on your travels.

You will be pleased to hear that this beautiful venue also caters to weddings! Cavallo Point marries breathtaking beauty in a historic setting with understated luxury, inviting accommodations, award-winning cuisine, venues and activities all onsite. They have a flexible indoor and outdoor event space in the historic Mission Blue Chapel – the perfect location for your unforgettable wedding! Find out more at


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