Your Relationship

If you’re aiming for hashtag-worthy relationship goals, with a bit more love and meaning, see our articles on the early stages of the marital journey. This is for all of you engaged couples who have questions and are looking for advice on everything from writing your vows and getting your marriage license, to forging a strong and healthy relationship right from the onset of the proposal.

  1. True Intimacy

    "The moment we removed our rose-coloured glasses was the moment our real marriage could begin. It's a tipping point that, if tread with grace and patience, can lead to something…
  2. Sancia + Mitchell

    At first glance, this looks like your portrait session complete with breathtaking scenery and a too-cute-for words couple. But there's more to this shoot than meets the eye. Sancia and…
  3. Drawn together

    Here's a recap from issue 28, a delightfully witty and engaging story on writer Sam Graham's different stages of attraction to his wife throughout their relationship.
  4. In hindsight

    Sometimes good advice only makes sense when you look back at the journey so far. A handful of fine folks share cherished hand-me-downs that, in hindsight, have proved invaluable.