This section celebrates the first step of your marital journey, with tips on choosing your engagement ring, planning your engagement party, and booking an epic engagement shoot session.

  1. Lisa + Franck

    Both being wedding planners from the south of France, Franck constructed an elaborate plan to create the appearance of a planned styled shoot with Lisa, whilst secretly setting up the…
  2. Ness + Luke

    Trust, respect and communication are values that newly engaged couple Ness and Luke believe to be incredibly important for a long lasting marriage.
  3. Mike + Carly

    Grey skies and torrential rain didn't dampen the romance and detailed thought that went into Mike's proposal to Carly, eventuating into a stunning engagement shoot.
  4. Alexa + Kurt

    From the mountain tops of San Diego to the bluest waters of the Sunset Cliffs, this engagement shoot sees two lovers, Alexa and Kurt, basking in their natural surrounds.
  5. Hannah + Mitch

    With an engagement shoot that involved strawberry picking and rides at the local theme park, Hannah and Mitch wanted to embrace their love for travel and this new adventure they…
  6. Tracy + Tyler

    We just love surprises, and are so excited to show you all this lovely gem of an engagement shoot with Tracy and Tyler, complete with a proposal!
  7. Hannah + Tim

    Hannah met Tim four years ago when she took a gap year to volunteer at an inner-city school in London, and now the two are looking at spending the rest…
  8. Laura + Tim

    Laura and Tim took to the rustic bushland of John Forest National Park for an intimate and personal engagement shoot with IZO Photography.