Castle + Cubby


With a background in photography, event management and carpentry, creative couple Kellie and Jonathan started their gorgeous business Castle and Cubby, creating kids cubby houses out of recycled apple crates. They have developed the product over the last few years to be a really unique and stylish offering in the kids outdoor toy space, which was so desperately needed in a market full of gaudy expensive cubbies. ‘About 6 weeks ago we launched a new design, the super styled Farmer’s Market cubby. Showing it at a fair in Melbourne we set it up as an enclosed play space for kids complete with real fruit and veg and wooden cash register with shopping baskets and money we made from tree branch cuttings. It looked amazing and people went nuts for it, including event stylists who were asking us for hire details.’ Together the couple have a passion for foraging and finding things that ooze character and style and that they can re-purpose and recycle into something else.  Scroll down to see more of this playful styled shoot with images by My Little Tribe Photography.


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