Casey + Shane: Childhood Sweethearts


Shane and Casey encompass all that it means to be childhood sweethearts.

The couple met when they were just kids and since then have always been in each other’s lives. The feelings of love and admiration began at the young age of 13 and, of course, from there they only grew stronger.

When it came to their wedding, Shane and Casey had only one simple rule – “Is this what we want?”. And they applied this to every aspect of their wedding in order to create a day that was a true representation of their love and compassion for each other.

Breaking away from tradition, neither of the pair wanted a wedding cake instead opting for a range of sweet treats. As well as this, the pair had their rings tattooed as opposed to buying pieces of jewellery. In Shane’s line of work, he isn’t allowed to wear any rings and as Casey said, “We didn’t need a ring to promise each other. We just needed ourselves there and that was it.”

Their day was intimate and family orientated, portraying what the pair value most. Richard Grainger Photography produced a beautiful gallery of Casey and Shane’s special day – scroll down to see!



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