Carlie + Scott


“The responsibility and trust required to hold a mirror up for each other is not easy, but it remains worth it in every way.”

Scott proposed at my family’s cabin in Wisconsin. My grandparents built it before I was born, and it’s been a sanctuary for all of us to go to my entire life. I met Scott after my grandparents had passed, so bringing him up there every summer with the rest of my family always meant a lot to me, because we always feel their presence with us so strongly there. One night, while everyone else was having a bonfire, he asked me to come take a photo with him in the moonlight. He had a camera on a timer, and the plan was for us to hold still while the photo took so we’d have a cool silhouetted photo. He’s a photographer and this was something we’d done often over the years, so I didn’t think anything of it until I realised he was on one knee. I thought he had dropped something, and finally asked, “What are you doing?!” and he responded with, “What do you think I’m doing?!” — I screamed in total disbelief. He explained that he wanted to propose there where he knew my entire family was, even those who weren’t physically with us, and it meant absolutely everything to me. I said, “Yes”, of course, and we both cried happy tears. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more thoughtful and beautiful experience.

We have been together for over seven years now, and as a couple, we are always striving to be as creative, attentive, loving, thoughtful, silly and adventurous as possible. We love working together, and you can usually find us laughing at something the other one said. We are totally in love and obsessed with our dog, Dharma Lou, and most recently we’ve discovered a passion for bouldering together. We are big dessert people (especially when it’s gluten-free and vegan) and are pretty much always down to play a board game.

The patience, perseverance and honesty that our relationship has always had is what I treasure most. Our love grounds me, it supports me and it is always there. I know we will continue to show up for each other as we always have, while also being committed to finding new ways to evolve and connect. You have helped bring so many of my dreams to fruition, and I’m so excited to see what we continue to create together in our future. I admire and love your desire to always be finding new ways to be of service and give back, and I know the future holds endless opportunities for us to do that together. I promise to always support you, and honour you as an individual, as well as my husband. My greatest wish for our marriage is that we continue to look to each other, even when it’s hard, and always create space for more love, more understanding and to weave passion into all that we do. The responsibility and trust required to hold a mirror up for each other is not easy, but it remains worth it in every way. Thank you for being not just my best friend, but my partner, and holding space for me to be the best version of myself through every season of life. I love you with my whole heart.

Somehow the night I asked you to marry me at your family’s cabin was already a year and a half ago now. I knew a seed was planted that moment you said you’d marry me. That seed is a promise I made to you to give of myself, and I repeated that in my vows on our wedding day. I had a definition of that then, but now, five months into our marriage, I see that the seed is sprouting. I see there’s more to understand about that promise. Time is not to be used lavishly. To be a better man and husband is to value the time we have and to never be too preoccupied to utilise it to grow with you. The choice to turn to love is only in the present. It’s not a ‘maybe one day’ kind of thing. It’s not always easy to see, but love is always an option. I choose daily to remain curious, attentive and to watch and listen closer, and be OK with not having an answer for everything. Relationships take work, but it doesn’t feel like work with you. I am so grateful for your patience and commitment to us. I am filled with so much faith and excitement about our future. I am hoping the seed planted will only continue showing me what it will take to be a greater man, human, husband and father one day—to pass on the alchemy of who we are to our future children. I love you meesh.


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