Carissa + Joey: Rooftop Romance


Sunset on a rooftop carpark; vintage car filled with balloons; crazy-in-love couple brimming with excitement and affection. If those aren’t the perfect ingredients for an engagement shoot, we don’t know what is!

Read a little more about recently-engaged couple Carissa and Joey below, and scroll down to see the full engagement shoot, with photography by Hannah Costello.

What have been the most exciting parts of planning your wedding?
The most exciting part of wedding planning has been using the excuse to go to Palm Springs for the past couple weekends. “We have to check out venues” turns into three Bloody Marys by the pool and late-night pizza delivery, chatting in bed about what kind of songs we want to dance to at the wedding. So, we haven’t gotten very far in planning yet, but it’s been full of memorable weekends.

How do you think marriage will change your relationship?
I think the only change will be the fact that the next step is having kids. We’re both super excited to start a family, but we plan on taking a year or so to be selfish for one last time. Travelling will probably be the last hurrah before we settle down and are ready for kids.

What do you most look forward to about your wedding?
We’re looking forward to holding our loved ones hostage for an entire weekend and ensuring everyone wakes up with a hangover. We want it to be a big party! Our family is really looking forward to it and so are we.

What are the most important things that will create a long-lasting and loving marriage?
Surprising each other with pizza when life has sucky moments. Also, getting out of the house when one of you wants to sleep in. Always respect the sleep.

What special ways do you express your love to each other?
Charging each other’s phone instead of our own. It’s a small gesture, but in 2016, that’s real love. We’re also really big on birthdays for each other. We tend to go overboard, but we both really get a kick out of surprising the other person.

What are your favourite ways to spend time together?
We like taking our dog, Charlie, to the dog park on Saturdays. We enjoy going on the occasional hike, hitting up flea markets and getting coffee every morning before work. Also, trying new restaurants. We’re big on food.

What’s your relationship advice for couples planning their big day?
Just plan an epic party and don’t let anyone’s negativity get in the way. Plenty of people will try to throw curveballs at you, but in the end it’s up to the both of you to decide exactly what you want on your wedding day.

What’s the best relationship advice anyone has ever given you?
If the person you’re marrying isn’t your best friend, you shouldn’t be getting married. We have been best friends for a long time and it’s important if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone.


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