Cara and Nick: a love story unfolds


Nick proposed to me while we were away on a little trip down to Tassie for our 8 year anniversary. On the day of our anniversary Nick had played it very cool and casual, like it was just a normal day. He booked us in for tours of the Cadbury factory and Cascade Brewery, nothing over the top special haha. After a day of touring we went back to our hotel to get changed to go out for dinner at the Mill. (Quite name appropriate, as nicks last name is Mill). When we got back to our hotel room nick presented me with a book. It was a hand written book of, the Story of Nick and Cara. He wrote about us from when we first meet up to where we went away to tassie for our 8 year anniversary. At the end of the book Nick wrote “And our latest adventure is to Tassie where Nick proposes to Cara”….. I did read this line about 20 times before I even looked up at Nick, he took the book off me and got down on one knee and read his carefully worded proposal and presented me my beautiful ring. I was so shocked and had so many happy tears running down my face, I completely missed most of his speech (thankfully he had it written down so I could re-read it later on haha). It was beautiful and personal and so very us. 


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