Real Weddings

Candace + Lewis


Guess why we’re so happy today. No go on, guess! Alright, we’ll tell you. We get to show off some more splendid imagery by Lilli Waters of I Got You Babe Photography. Yes, we unabashedly admit we have a wee professional crush on her and her remarkable talents.  You only need to feast your eyes on Candace and Lewis’ wedding shoot to see why. That’s how a man should look at a woman, like his heart might stop if he turned his gaze away for even a moment. In the exquisite setting of Killara Estate, Candace and Lewis made it known to all attending that their lives had grown inseparably close. Candace was only 14 when she began dating Lewis. Unbeknownst to either of them, that single act of one asking out the other forged a path that unobtrusively led them to this significant and joyful day. Even more remarkable, is how the triumph of that journey can be seen in every smile they share, every look they exchange, every lean they make towards one another. It takes a certain level of expertise to catch such honest, heartwarming moments. Lilli, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you’re freakin’ awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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