Caela + Justin – Wind & Rain couldn't stop the FUN!


“We really wanted a ‘Byron Bay’ wedding, as we love that little part of the world, its natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere and amazing produce. Originally from the Gold Coast, it was also a great excuse for all friends and family to drive south an hour for the weekend.  

The venue we chose stood out for us due to its resounding beauty and rows of pine trees (my husband’s favourite tree).  So we really wanted to allow the natural beauty to do all the talking and kept the decor to a minimum. 

Of course, nothing ever goes to plan and it ended up being a wet and windy week in the Byron Bay hinterland.  So we went from a ‘luxe lawn affair’ – where I imagined everyone swanning on the grass, lounging in the pine tree arena on the rugs and cushions –  to everyone being crammed onto the property’s verandah’s.

Fortunately, the gods did grant us one solid dry patch and the rain stopped for the entire ceremony, so we were able to face those pine trees and say our “I do’s”.  My dress of course, turned brown awfully quick. 

Overall the tight-knit arrangements actually made it a whole new level of fun. Everyone was dancing and mingling, there was no room for segregation and it was just a really FUN vibe.”


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