Cactus Country Lovers (Sophie + Benny pt. 1)


“To me, you are home. No matter where we travel, go, love, lose, meet, change, hope, let go of and rediscover –  to me, you are the safe place I always hoped existed.”

Two lovers in a country of cacti and magic. Soph and Benny bought a van for their adventures and their upcoming wedding, and decided to road trip in it and return to the Cactus Farm where they had their first date. 1400kms and a lot of playlists later turned into a whirlwind of MAGIC!

Jordan Wood captured what we can only call the best kind of frolicking, dancing and running around we’ve seen! Soft and romantic, edgy and sexy, we love the story these photos tell.

Keep an eye out for their wedding photos going up TOMORROW live on our blog!



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