Come away with me – Byron Bay Bridal Showcase – August 17th


On any given day the thought of hanging out at Bryon Bay Bridal Showcase would rock our socks off. Imagine then, how much happy dancing we’ve done since discovering that organiser, Jennifer Gifford, has taken the showcase to the next level of splendiferous by moving away from the expo format into what we lovingly call the “four seasons system”. Those are our words mind you, but they sum up the new structure rather well. Ewingsdale Hall will, for the first time, harbour all four seasons within its walls thanks to the talents of some pretty spesh vendors. Four collaborative teams (consisting of every talent from stylists to caterers) will bring to life exquisite summer, autumn, winter and spring themed wedding décor. You, on the other hand, will squeal deliriously on first spotting how a real wedding—your wedding—could look when styled with the seasons in mind. It will be a visual, tangible smorgasbord of colour and creativity, one you’ll probably be dragged kicking and screaming from at the end of the day.

 If you don’t already have a ticket, we politely ask why not? For $15 online and $20 on the day they are a steal and Better than scoring a Willie Wonka pass any day! Watch the video and get excited then grab your ticket(s) here. While you’re at it, comment on this post and tell us why you want to be there to be in the draw for 1 of 10 free passes (our fave answers win)


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