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Brooke + Mitch


Being the ultimate romantic, Mitch went to great lengths to make sure his proposal to Brooke unfolded perfectly. Having booked a long weekend along the Great Ocean Road, Mitch intercepted Brooke on her way to work, told her to pack her bags for the weekend and blindfolded her till they reached their destination. Being a wedding videographer himself, Mitch wanted the whole day to be documented; every reaction and response leading up to the final question. Brooke remembers, ‘We were having sunset hugs when I felt his heart beating out of his chest. I asked him if he was alright as his heart was racing. From there, he stumbled into a very cute speech and then popped the question. Such a romantic moment and I didn’t even realize that the camera was rolling and he caught the entire thing on video!’ Scroll down to see how the couple’s gorgeous vintage-inspired wedding came together.


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