Bronwyn Townsend: Nature tones


We admit to having walked into work today feeling a little like zombies. Desperate to know blood still pumped red and hot through our arteries we skooched onto the blog to see what  our pick for the day was. Sure enough, Bronwyn Townsend’s stunning styled bridal shoot did a grand job of shirking our bleary-eyed look and returning colour to our cheeks. We almost feel human again!  Hardly a new kid on the block, Bronwyn has been a maestro of fashion photography for yonks, so imagine our utter delight when we were given the singular opportunity of showcasing her work and that of her incredible team. And while we appreciate it’s a styled shoot, full of those dashing far away looks we all practice in the mirror, we totally love how it’s the perfect smorgasbord to inspire us when it comes to florals, beautiful gowns, stunning hair, insanely attractive makeup and all-round charming design. There really is no better way to start your day peeps. Feast your eyes on fabulousness below!


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