Briony & Luke: A perfect day


Wedding shoots are one of the few occasions we, as strangers, get to legitimately peer into the lives of other strangers. And yet, without knowing them, we feel connected and able to relate. Briony and Luke’s day looks as sincere and full of romance as it gets. It’s difficult to miss that look or hold that speaks volumes, and for those of us who have been there, we know how deep the well runs that love and affection stir out of.

Photographers like Scout and Alia, the talent behind White Wall Photography and organisers of The Eclective wedding fair, have a knack of capturing the rise of electrifying moments. Take a gander at these lovely images to see what we mean. And if you’re desperately seeking some help on how to make your day just as marvellous, then check out The Eclective this weekend too.   


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