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We love Bohemian weddings (with the most beautiful white and green accents) but what we love even is a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day, so we HAD to share with you Kait + James’ beautiful love story.

Captured by Alysha Miller, what originally caught our attention (and yours!) about the wedding was that gorgeous ceremony backdrop, a dreamy masterpiece that crowned the enormous space with bohemian chic. But before you scroll to their photos (or maybe you’ve come back to the top after seeing them and are thinking, these two are incredible!), we want to share with you about their relationship. Beyond those 24 hours of bliss on your wedding day is a lifetime of being with your best friend, and we always want to first and foremost celebrate marriage. So here is Kait + James’ story:


James and Kait met at a Summer Camp that she grew up going to. When she first saw James, he was on stage singing (he’s an incredible musician), and she describes him as being a courageous, vulnerable man of God and leading hundreds of student into the presence of God. She was drawn to his confidence and gentleness.


Adventure partners, James and Kait are super into traveling and experiencing adventures together. After their second trip to Portland, he knew Kait was the one he wanted to do this with for the rest of his life. So, after they said their goodbyes at the airport (long distance lovers, we know the ache!), James knew he didn’t want to wait any longer so bought a ring he’d been eyeing right there on the spot on his phone!


Twenty days later he visited Kaitlyn, where she expected just another little road trip on an average Tuesday. He convinced her to go out to the mountains, despite her complaints it was cold and too far away, and they loaded up their car and headed to Lake Arrowhead. The snow was rough, and Kait was so confused why he insisted they HAD to keep going! He had photographers waiting and James and Kait played in the snow while his friends were getting into position! James says, “We finally got to the spot, where I had asked Kaitlyn to be my girlfriend, and I told her that I had a song that I wrote for her, and that we had to get out of the car… We stood at the spot where, six months prior I sang her a song and asked her to be my girlfriend, but this time I read her a letter, sang a song that I wrote and asked her to be my wife.”

We cried. We laughed. I forgot the lyrics, but I wouldn’t change a thing about that day. It’s these things that make me excited to spend the rest of my life with Kaitlyn.

* for marriage, not just the wedding day

Kait knew James was the one from the beginning. During their dating and engagement season they grew together through all the hard stuff life threw at them, and grew more and more in love. Kait fell in love with his heart for God and for people, and loves that He loves God and her “endlessly.”  Kait says,

“Marriage is a covenant commitment to seek the interest of the other above ourselves and to be lifelong friends. Marriage to us is a gift from God where two can be partners, lovers & friends. We believe that marriage is also an opportunity for us to reflect God’s love to the world. Marriage never gives up on each other and always lays our life down for our friend.”


Kait’s favorite moment was the first look down the isle. “About 5 minutes before I walked down the isle, I completely lost it. I started crying, because I realized that this was the biggest day of our lives. When I began walking down the isle, I first saw all the beautiful friends and family that came to support our relationship and commitment together.

But when I locked eyes with James, It was a dream. I loved that I no longer felt that 200 people were staring at me, but only focused on one person. I loved seeing his ugly cry.”


Live tomorrow is their first day together as husband and wife (literally… the day after), a trip to the gorgeous mountains (classic Kait + James) captured by Woodman Weddings! 


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