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The brides Market launches December 15

When Jen put’s her mind to something, nothing can stop her! By far one of the most incredible ladies on my list of acquaintances, Jennifer Gifford is someone you ought to know. I’ve used the excuse of “baby-brain” once or twice to encourage myself in tough times, but this inspiring lady has no time for such things. Lists and notebooks by the dozen, her calendar and diary have been trusty companions. And, with the support of family and friends, nothing seems impossible.
First memories of Jen from a few years back is of my sales pitch to her for an ad. I was over the moon when she said yes and distinctly thrilled to be featuring her simply delicate bridal designs. It wasn’t long before she let us in on a new wedding-fair concept that coordinated four sets of creative geniuses to collectively fabricate something remarkable and utterly drool worthy. Yeah, there was drool abundant! The first Byron Bay Bridal event went off without a hitch and has been going from strength-to-strength.
Jen, however, wasn’t ready to stop there.  The master juggler had one final plan (well final for now), the epitome of all wedding-related concepts and the first of its kind. The Brides’ Market was born–a buzzing bridal hub that makes me feel like a kid in a lolly shop. Not quite to the point of wanting to roll around on the floor in glee, but nearly!  
The Brides’ Market is where you’d want to be if you were a bride or an event planner or an admirer of beauty; so much inspiration in one location. Only to be expected though, seeing as Jen was clearly born to soar. She’s a world changer, a dear lady and a mum, and her passion is evident and real for all to see! 
As for me, I  think it’s time for a lay down.
Carla xx


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