Bree & Luke: Love through the ages


Grab a cuppa and take five with Bree as she tells a gorgeous tale of love through the “ages”.

I first laid eyes on Luke when I was 13, spying on him from my friend’s bedroom window. He lived in her street and the hours we spent sunbaking while he skated past, or peeking over the window sill to watch/stalk him, filled our weekends. Then he seemed to disappear for a year, but at sweet 16 we crossed paths again and after a few dates he asked me to be his girl. That was eight years ago.

 When Luke decided to propose, he organised a weekend away on the Gold Coast but nothing went to plan. The restaurant claimed they didn’t get the booking he’d made and after ignoring my ”Hungry Jacks in the hotel” idea, we found a restaurant with tables spare. His plans to propose down on the beach after dinner were also foiled when I complained about the strong winds that evening, so it was with sweaty palms and a defeated smile that he got down on one knee and asked the magic words while I sat in my pyjamas sobbing happy tears.

 Luke’s a big kid who, after eight years, still loves his skate board. We are laidback best friends and often take the dog down to the skate park. We enjoy being around one another no matter where we are. As for our photoshoot, I wanted to prove that you don’t need a perfect backdrop to capture the love between two people. We were in fits of giggles the entire time – from realising I had forgotten the makeup wipes after covering him in red lipstick kisses, to being stalked in dark alleyways and having to relocate!  A casual approach suited us better so the photographer went scouting the day before and found an abandoned building that was perfect. A few of the amazing shots follow.


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