Boho Winter Romance on the edge of the world – Papigo Alps Elopement


A boho winter romance on the edge of the world, this styled elopement on the Papigo Alps is one of our all time favorites! The gorgeous couple, Amelia and Michael, were perched on one of Greece’s most mysterious regions, with spine-tingling views off the edge of the inky Vikos Gorge. Planned by Phaedra Liakou Events and captured by Lefteris Kalampokas, we were so inspired by the bohemian details, and know you will be too.

The pikes of Papigo were buried in the winter snow, but the view was just as spectacular. Instead of sliding slowly over gentle slopes, the sharp vistas inspired the team to design a wedding summit-bound fete, hence the teepee perched atop a cliff face!

This was one of our favorite elements – the arch was made up of wooden arbor, and minimal greenery additions. It is so understated, perfect for the spectacular view behind it. The entire floral emphasis on Amelia’s wedding bouquet by Archimandritis Lampros made up of Coton Salex Anemones, Eucalyptus Gunnii, Lysianthus, Eryngium, and Violets.

The beautiful couple exchanged their vows put in perfect calligraphy and graphic design by Manousenia. Afterwards they cozied up and snuggled on the pelotage of a cashmere blanket, serving as their picnic felt. The team  employed cozy touches of worsted alpaca skins and bulky handspun frills made of plush Targhee wool.

Wooden placemats, candlesticks, and vases added a warm softened flair to juxtapose our rugged backdrop. And of course they just had to have a chunky knit textured cake!!!

Enjoy drooling over these with us!


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