Boho Sunrise Elopement


A golden sunrise, a boho lace Alice Mccall gown and moroccan rugs – we couldn’t love this intimate seaside ceremony more! Captured by Carly Duncanson, this wedding is relaxed, down to earth, and perfectly reflects Tallis + Vanessa’s relationship.

Vanessa says, “All I wanted was a beautiful bunch of Native Flowers, with reds and leafy greens and a vintage Morrocan wedding blanket… and I got both, plus more! I knew the sunrise and surrounding scenery would set the mood for the photos, and I brought along another few blankets I had from India for the ceremony. I brought some flowers individually the day before, because I wanted to choose them all. Plus, I needed to pick up some Baby’s breath for my hair. My best friend brought a cute little wooden picnic basket for the champagne celebrations and it all came together so nicely. I love looking at our wedding photos, Carly did such an amazing job at capturing our simple day and the beautiful scenery and colours. Tallis’ vows were so true to form hilarious, yet heartfelt that even the celebrant was in stitches. At that moment in time it really was just the two of us taking on the world. It was a really moving day and the surrounding day was such a high for us! The day was so completely simple and easygoing, exactly as we had hoped, and we got to surprise all of our friends and family with the news afterwards!

Marriage is being able to pull off a prank, because he knows you too well and has already figured it out. Laughing at the funny jokes, rolling your eyes at the bad ones. Wearing his T-shirt, getting in trouble for always wearing his shirt, but always being the one to do his washing. Eating the last bit of chocolate and knowingly denying it with a smirk. Compromising and watching sport because it’s live, and Netflix is not. Not sweating the little things (like who did the dishes last) because in the end, you both contribute in one way or another. What really matters is mutual respect, mutual kindness and the understanding that two humans can be both alike and completely different, at the same time.”


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