Boho Romance with Sequins, Confetti + Donuts (Sophie + Benny pt. 2)


Sequins, Confetti, music, ice-cream, fire pits, marshmellows, beauty and romance – Soph + Benny’s winter wedding was an absolute dream! The day encapsulated everything they loved and pushed it all into a few hours on Saturday. Everything from cooking smores in the woods, to eating Mcdonalds as the sun set, they created everything they loved, popped a neon sign behind it all and embraced every moment.

We LOVE Benny + Sophie’s love story – they met by chance, two strangers from opposite ends of the world. Within weeks of meeting they pretty much were all in and never really looked back. Benny had basically planned from the moment he met Sophie how he would ask her to marry him. He decided that the best way to express all the love he felt in a single moment. He had a custom made engagement ring flown across the world (it was INSANELY beautiful!) and managed to coordinate a neon sign, some of Sophie’s longest and dearest friends, as well as a long list of other beautiful details to surprise her on a rooftop at sunrise in New York City. As the sun rose and a jazz guitarist played, he dropped to a knee and told me how he had never believed that a love like this could exist – and asked Sophie could they continue their journey together as husband and wife. She was in awe, in love, and told us she was weeping for the next week!

Marriage is an opportunity to do life alongside the greatest person you know. You get an opportunity to choose, to love, to embrace, to encourage. To look someone in the face every morning and tell them- no matter what this world throws at us, no matter what turns this day takes- you are my first, my best, my love and my person. It is an honour, an adventure, and it is exquisite in every way possible.

Enjoy seeing the gorgeous shots by Scarlet & Sage!

See their engagement photos here.


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