Boho Meets Country Wedding: Kendra + Wallace


Kendra and Wallace’s approach to their wedding and future life together was full of joy with a healthy outlook on what marriage means to them.

“Marriage for us isn’t just about being happy together. Wallace and I realize that there will be times we will let each other down; times when we don’t really feel happy together. For us, marriage is really about growing together. Our relationship with each other is centred on our faith in Jesus Christ and the belief that He’ll use us as husband and wife to grow us as individuals. We will always have good times together, I have no doubt of that, but what matters most to me in this marriage is the impact I have on my husband, and the change I see in myself as we walk through life together.”

Tell us about your proposal: We went to visit his family for a week in the summer. That week there was a canyon fire that destroyed much of that area, including his family’s home. This destroyed the plans that Wallace had for proposing. Despite that week’s trials, however, the last night we were there Wallace took me out to dinner and on a date to explore his home town. After dinner he took me to a look out at the top of a mountain where we could see the whole area. Even with the sky filled with smoke, it was a beautiful moment. I thought he might propose to me up there, but he didn’t. He wanted to keep me guessing. Then we climbed back down and drove his truck to a near-by lake. Once there, we walked along a path in the woods, as the sun set. It was dark when he grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss, but when I opened my eyes, the whole forest had lit up. A light covered bridge sat in front of me, with an arbore tree at the end. Rose petals covered the floor of the bridge. He walked me underneath the arbore where he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes.

What do you love most about your partner?

Kendra: I love his adventurous spirit. We’re always trying a new hike, or exploring a new lake. But, he’s adventurous in everything, not just in our travels. Everything he does is out of the pure joy of being free to explore and enjoy this world we live in. It’s that part of him that is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone, and showing me how freeing it is to embrace life without worry or refrain. In every area of my life, in my career, my passions, and my faith, it’s that adventurous heart of his that makes me take more risks and enjoy life more fully.

Wallace: If I had to choose one thing that I love most about Kendra, I’d be a lost man. There is a lot to cover on that one. I suppose it could best be summed up with how I just love her for who she is; for her friendship, her passionate love, endless support, and for her faith.

Describe your wedding theme? Wallace is a country boy, so I wanted to stay true to that part of him. We incorporated a lot of country things, like hay bales, antlers and other rustic touches. I also wanted the wedding to have a bohemian feel. We accomplished that mostly with the florals and eclectic furniture throughout the venue.  

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? It’s so hard to choose one moment, but my heart always goes back to when we were taking pictures in the field below our reception. After the ceremony we snuck away to snap a few pictures in a flower field as the sun was starting to set. It was the first moment we really had alone. It was a moment that we just smiled and laughed because we were so excited to finally be married! We didn’t even really notice that we were being filmed and photographed. We were just so happy to be together. I would definitely recommend having a moment to get away to any couple about to get married. We had so much fun celebrating with our family and friends, but that time alone was perfect. And! Our pictures from that moment came out amazing!

Check out Kendra and Wallace’s amazing pictures below, by Victoria Carlson Photography.


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