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Bianca + Dave


Bianca and Dave wed on their 10 year anniversary of being together in a simple and stylish ceremony at the Brisbane Powerhouse. While the setting imbued a modern, industrial vibe, the couple made sure to include all of the personal touches that meant the most to them, including Bianca wearing her late grandfather’s wedding ring, her mother walking her down the aisle, and Dave’s father presenting them with a set of traditional mandarin ducks. “Mandarin ducks are chosen because it is believed that, unlike other types of ducks, they mate for life, and that if one of the pair dies, the other will mourn. For Koreans, Mandarin ducks represent peace, fidelity, and plentiful offspring. After the wedding, the ducks are displayed prominently somewhere in the couple’s home. If there is harmony between the husband and wife, then the ducks are oriented facing each other, bill to bill. If the couple is arguing, they may turn one or both ducks so that they are facing away from each other. The ducks are commonly handed down as gifts from mother to daughter. We have our ducks proudly sitting on our sideboard at home and they are a beautiful way to remember the day!” Scroll down to see more details from the day, beautifully captured by Two People by Agi Davis.



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