Beyond The Bay


Understated with a contemporary edge, this shoot draws inspiration from the natural textures and tones of its stunning bayside location.

Shot overlooking the tranquil waters of Matilda Bay in Perth, a pared-back, organic colour palette was created to highlight the natural beauty of the area.

Hand-braided and knotted ropes bound with gold, brought a unique sculptural element to the venue and provided a modern interpretation of the nautical theme.

These ropes swayed above the elegant yet edgy tablescape that continued the organic theme with leather, clay, timber and gold adorning the table. Soft floral tones evoked a sense of romance, but were kept contemporary with wild harvested foliage.

Crushed clay powders were a highlight of the shoot and were used to create bold yet minimalist wedding stationery and signage throughout the venue.

The restrained elegance of the shoot was reflected in the beautiful simplicity of the white gowns worn by the bride as she looked out to the bay and beyond.


(Photos by THE DAY Weddings)


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