Beska: La’Vie en Rose


If you looked up exquisite romantic style in the dictionary, you would be sure to find Beska’s sensational new bridal collection La ‘Vie en Rose (ok this is a blatant lie, but we think it deserves a spot!). This dreamy new collection encapsulates that blissful state of being in love, a life in rosy Hues. Designer Rebecca Child’s intention with this collection was to create more for her brides than what is traditionally expected. “I am always inspired by all things pretty and antique; the ultimate aim was to make the collection all combinations of pretty sweet, romantically feminine, youthful and heartfelt” she says. And we think she’s hit the nail on the head! These gorgeous gowns have kept up with Beska’s reputation of impeccable quality by sourcing only the most exquisite French lace and silk fabrics. Incredibly luxurious and divine, this new collection is a breath of fresh air for the bride looking for something different.


Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia