Bek + Phil: Better Together


There’s nothing we love more than a talented duo of creatives, so when we heard that the ever so sweet Bek Grace was joining forces with her husband, best friend and lover Phil, you can be sure we did a little happy dance in our seats. The name to look out for is Heart and Colour and we certainly do believe that this it the perfect reflection of what these gifted photographers are all about. To celebrate, we had a little chat with the gorgeous couple. Scroll down south and prepare to have your hearts warmed.

When and Where did you meet?

We met in our first year of junior high school, although we didn’t officially start dating until our first year of senior high school.

Can you remember what you were doing when you first locked eyes?

Phil: Ha! it was the second day of our first high school camp. One of my mates was going on about this ‘bek’ girl who i hadn’t even met yet and asked me to try and set them up to chat, it went well.

What do you do to show each other how you much you love each other?

Quality time is a big one. We both put aside time to spend together – do something or go somewhere (or do nothing!).

What lovely things do you notice about each other than no one else does?

Bek: His heart, he has a huge heart for people.

Phil: Her kindness and thoughtfulness for others

What is it about each other that warms your heart?

Bek: He’s always happy. Honestly you’ll never see him without a smile.

Phil: Seeing Bek with her nephews and nieces makes me know she’ll be a great mum.

What do you cherish most about your relationship?

Our closeness – we are bestest friends (and lovers).

What’s the greatest thing about being able to work side by side?

We know each other inside and out, so there is a lot of strength and reliability and trust there. It’s the best thing being able to do what you love, with the one you love.


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