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Behind the Scenes – Issue 33 Fashion Editorial


After releasing our memorable fashion editorial in white’s Spring issue, editor Carla Burrell takes us behind the scenes, walking us through her inspiration for “Poetry in Motion”.

“You asked Emma Wiggle if she’ll model in our next white magazine shoot?!”…. I was in awe! Lara had bounced the idea off me a few weeks earlier, but I didn’t think it was actually possible. When she messaged me to say she was sending me Emma’s number, I remember thinking, “I can’t ring her, eeeep that’s Emma Wiggle.” I’m sure you all know Emma, the only girl Wiggle, the one with the bow in her hair. “You want me to talk to her?” I exclaimed to Lara. To avoid becoming star struck over the phone, I quickly sent her a little email, pressed send … done. Now I just had to wait. I think she might have been a little excited because not before long she’d written back and the planning was under way.

Model… tick…. At least I had one thing sorted! A dancing model = a dancing shoot. There was no way this wasn’t going to be an option. Now we had a dancing shoot and I had to fit it into the theme and feel of the issue. Throw in some purple flowers, and perfecto! We had a winning combo. Pretty lady, dancing shoes, purple flowers and an incredible team to bring it all together… hooray! Did I mention that the theme of our issue was “Joy”? And have you seen the smile on Emma? … Everything about this was good.

I had the perfect team lined up, now I needed some pretty dresses and accessories. I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I love looking at dresses. Lara and I were in moodboard heaven. The most important thing I was looking for was pieces that floated and twirled and flounced around the room as Emma danced.

I also promise there was no intention to pick purple flowers because she was married to Lachy the purple Wiggle. It ended up being super cute though and Emma was so sweet with her milky skin tones, lush locks and the florals made everything pop.

Jump forward a few weeks to the actual day – cool and calm I told myself, don’t go all silly. I managed to keep myself together to discover the most kind, genuine and lovely lady. Emma was an absolute joy, which was pretty perfect really as this was the theme for issue 33. Smiles radiated from her whole body as she danced and moved around the room … she is Joy and Joy is her.

Thanks so much to our talented team of collaborators who helped create the magic you see before you. Alexandra, for lending your skilled hair and makeup hands that were perfection; Myra for the divine bounty of blooms; Lara Hotz for expertly capturing the grace and movement in such a wonderful way, and of course Emma, for being such a kind and humble soul to work with.

And we haven’t forgotten this last special vendor, Light Noise Films, who has given us this beautiful and truly joyful “Behind The Scenes” film below so you can all enjoy the fun we were able to experience throughout the day. Hope you love this little look into the world of white magazine!

White Magazine // Poetry In Motion from Light Noise Films on Vimeo.


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