Beauty Tips from Carolina Otaduy


Summer, one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, can be quite a challenge for any beauty routine. Long hours in the sun, pool chlorine, travelling and different eating habits force us to think much more about our health than our tan. The hot season is especially hard on our skin and hair, so we can’t forget to pamper and take care of ourselves much more than normal. Below are some beauty tips from designer Carolina Otaduy to help you beat those harsh summer conditions!

Sea Salt Bath

“One of my beauty secrets is the sea-salt bath,” Carolina says. “Sea salt is rich in nutrients, including essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper and zinc. This makes it an excellent way to nourish your skin and eliminate toxins, relaxing and rejuvenating your body. I take a thirty-minute bath in sea salt before any important meeting and the sensation of comfort is unparalleled.” Fancy trying it tonight before bed? Without a doubt, it is a highly comforting tip.

Green Tea Facial

We’re sure you’ve heard that green tea is great for eliminating toxins, but the way this bridal gown designer uses it will surprise you:
“I’ve also created by own facial therapy with green-tea ice cubes,” says Carolina. “I put them on my face with a cotton cloth before I do my make-up and my face looks toned and revitalised.”

Natural Hair Without Dryness

With hair, as with fashion, it is very important to be able to express yourself without feeling like you’re in costume. “This is a rule I apply to my collections as well. And in terms of my hair, it’s all about letting it do its own thing without punishing it; not worrying about combing it, and keeping my colour totally natural to keep it healthy. Having that independence with my hair makes me feel free.”

We all like summer and having some ice cream on the beach while the sun toasts our skin. But we don’t all take our beauty care seriously this time of year. With these easy tips from Carolina Otaduy, there’s no excuse. So get out there, enjoy summer and, most of all, take care of yourself!


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