Come away with me


Elopement used to feel like a dirty little three-syllable word in bridal circles until  brides and grooms everywhere realised that skipping off to a sandy shore somewhere was a rather wonderful way to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives. And how can you argue with such a notion, especially when you see gorgeous elopement shoots like the one we’re greedily hogging on our blog today. It takes a bunch of incredible virtuosos to make a concept like this come to life: a vintage elopement shoot based on the movie The Little Rascals complete with gorgeous love story,  cap, braces, and stunning boy and girl. This is a treat for the eyes and the imagination. Should you ever fancy going off and getting hitched alone, take  this wonderful lot (Kye Norton Photography, The Beauty Case, Heavenly Blooms and the rest) with you. Clearly, they have the skills and creativity to make pretty incredible things happen. 


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